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The Benefits of Hiring a Pressure Washing Company Near You

The outdoor scenery that we live next to here in Chilliwack is amazing. Living in British Columbia, I feel absolutely blessed every single day when I look outside at the incredible Cascade Range vistas you can see from my front doorstep. We’re lucky to be so close to nature in many ways.

However, of course, there are some downsides too. The warm climate makes for natural growing of moulds and mosses that aim to grow on your home’s exterior. Moreover, dust and dirt seem to build up quickly too.

Given this unfortunate tendency, most home and business owners are faced with the choice of buying or renting a pressure washer or hiring the services of a pressure washing company. While it might seem like an easy way to save some cash, buying or renting a pressure washer isn’t a great deal for the vast majority of home and business owners in Chilliwack. Don’t believe us? We’ve done the math. Check it out!

Is Pressure Washer Rental More Affordable Than Hiring the Best Pressure Washing Company Near Me?

There’s no one easy answer to this question. While we are pressure washing experts at Klean Freaks Home Services, we’re not mind-readers—we don’t know the specifics of your finances or the size of your property. What we do know for sure though, is that the standard-model residential pressure washers you can buy at the local hardware store chain or rent from an outdoor-equipment supply company usually aren’t cheap and aren’t as useful as the industrial-strength pressure washing equipment that Klean Freaks Home Services offers.

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The price of the average pressure washer you can find at an outdoor supply store is between $200 and $1,300. That’s a considerable range, with the lower-priced models being only suitable for tiny jobs. However, it’s also a lot of money to lay down for something you will probably only use once or twice. If your pressure washer is likely to gather dust in your garage for 364 days of the year, why spend $1,500?

However, there’s one more thing we need to talk about, and that’s what the pressure washer can actually do. PSI Versus GPM Ratings

Pressure washers have two measurements that let you know their performance. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, and measures pressure, or how much force gets exerted per unit of space. The higher the number, the more ‘powerful’ the pressure washer is.

So, just buy or rent a pressure washer with a higher PSI rating, right? Problem solved?

Not quite. Not every roof can withstand a high PSI rating. If you have asphalt or wood shingles on top of your Chilliwack home or business, blasting them with 4,000 PSI of water will flip the shingles right off your roof!

GPM stands for gallons per minute and measures how quickly the pressure washer can output liquid. A high PSI rating does very little for your home’s exterior if you need to clean it one square foot at a time.

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