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Even the best-assembled roofs accumulate a great deal of algae, mold, mildew, and other substances overtime. Not only is this accumulation unattractive, but it can reduce your roof’s lifespan and ability to reflect sunlight.

You can depend on the specialists at Klean Freaks Home Services to provide exceptional roof cleaning.

We have experience working on all types of roofs, and work with efficiency and precision to restore your roof to a fantastic level of clean.

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Dependable Roof Cleaners in Chilliwack

Klean Freaks Home Services uses a variety of materials and methods to provide exceptional roof cleaning and maintenance. We employ both high-pressure and low-pressure roof cleans, guaranteed to suit the needs of each home. We are experienced at cleaning all types of roofs including metal, asphalt, and more.

While providing a dependable, thorough cleaning, our methods will never damage your roof. We will not use corrosive products like bleach, which have been proven to affect a roof’s surface.

Among our methods includes pressure washing, which proves particularly useful for flat or metal roofs.

Klean Freaks Home Services’ roof cleaning provides numerous benefits to your home! Firstly, cleaning your roof will significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal. By removing unsightly stains or build-ups of vegetation, your roof will look significantly newer and more attractive. This is particularly true if your roof is of a lighter color, where stains will show up more easily.

Regular roof cleaning also improves your home’s energy efficiency. Modern roofs are now built to a standard where they reduce and reflect sunlight. These roofs are known as cool roofs. Dark stains can affect that reflective ability of a roof, rising your cooling costs.

Additionally, cleaning a roof will help your eavestroughs and gutters remain free of clogs and debris. Accumulations on roof surfaces are bound to find their way into the gutters or downspouts, which can result in new problems. Roof cleaning will improve your home’s drainage system.

Lastly, with Klean Freaks Home Services, you can be certain that your roof cleaning will proceed safely and reliably. Attempting to clean your roof yourself, with improper training and equipment, may result in safety risks. We have all the equipment, resources, and qualifications for safe roof cleaning.

When your residential roof needs cleaning, Chilliwack’s number one choice for a solution is Klean Freaks Home Services. Roof cleaning is one of our specialties, and we can ensure that your roof will be restored to look brand-new.

If needed, our roof-cleaning specialists can even assess your roof for signs of damage or wear. We would be happy to make recommendations if repair or replacement proves to be necessary.

Our customer service is exceptional, and we’re pleased to provide free estimates for our work.

Allow Klean Freaks Home Services to be your regular roof cleaner!

Roof Cleaning in Chilliwack: The Basics

Living in Chilliwack often feels like you’ve won the lottery. We’re surrounded by some of the most breathtaking natural vistas in Canada right outside our front doors, and we still get the benefits of city and community living.

What’s not so great about being close to nature in Chilliwack, however, is the fact that the roof of your home is under near constant assault from lichen, moss, and algae. These tiny friends are great when you encounter them out on the hiking trails, but they can quickly make your roof and siding look dingy and dirty.

Everyone’s seen at least one moss-covered rooftop in Chilliwack in their lifetime. However, the effect wasn’t exactly cute and cozy, was it? Nope. It probably looked like a good candidate for a haunted house.

That isn’t the only danger that algae, moss, and lichen pose to the roof of your home. These plant-like structures can divert water and cause serious structural damage to your rooftop. If you aren’t careful with regular roof cleaning, the top of your house could even collapse. Scary stuff.

Klean Freaks Home Services provides expert roof cleaning with or without pressure washing. You won’t risk life and limb on the stepladder, and we’ll leave no rolling stone to gather moss on your roof!

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Can I Pressure Wash My Roof Myself?

You can, but we don’t recommend it. That might seem like an obvious point but think about it. If you don’t have experience cleaning a roof, odds are higher you’ll take a tumble than would be for a trained professional. You don’t often walk on top of your roof, so when you add soapy liquids into the mix? It’s a recipe for disaster.

Roof Cleaning Before and After

If you want to see some of the roofs we’ve helped beautify in Chilliwack and the surrounding area, give us a call! Klean Freaks Home Services is proud of the work we do, so we’re happy to provide you with a look at our portfolio of past projects.

You’ll be amazed what an afternoon’s work can do for revitalizing the look and feel of your Chilliwack home. What once looked drab and dusty now looks tidy and inviting.

Roof Cleaning Services Near Me

The best part about working with Klean Freaks Home Services is that we live and work in Chilliwack. Our money stays in the community and helps out local businesses. We hire local and train to our exacting standards. If you see any one of our roof cleaning experts on the street, we’ll be sure to give you a hearty hello.

Not to mention, you won’t need to worry about whether your roof cleaner shows up on time or gets caught in traffic out on Highway 1. We’re only a stone’s throw away, and we’ll be there when we say we’ll be there—guaranteed!

Want to know more about our full range of cleaning services, or how to book our pressure-washed roof cleaning service for yourself? Call Klean Freaks Home Services today!

Pressure Washing for Roof Cleaning

A lot of our clients originally contact us to pressure wash their roofs. However, pressure washing can only be used to clean specific roofing systems. Asphalt roofs, for example, can be damaged by pressure washing. The force of the water is simply too strong. It can break off pieces of shingle and degrade the asphalt itself. Remember that the goal of roof cleaning is removing algae, mould, lichen, and mildew. In most cases, pressure washing is not necessary to do this.

The one roofing system that pressure washing works well with is metal roofs. Metal roofs won’t get damaged by pressure washing. Because metal roofs are so smooth, they offer very little grip for plants and microbes to grab a hold of. The main problem metal roofs face is rust stains, which are easily removed with pressure washing. The one caveat is that if the pressure used to wash the roof is too high, it could chip the paint and thereby cause rust patches to form.

Soft Washing in Chilliwack

Because pressure washing is too harsh for most roofing systems, we generally stick to the soft wash. Soft washing uses a combination of a chemical solution to clean the roof and low pressure to rinse. The chemical solution usually contains a limited quantity of bleach with the goal of killing the algae, mould, and mildew.

You definitely don’t want any organisms growing on your roof. Pressure washing might remove the surface organisms, but there’s a good chance the more deeply embedded ones will stay alive and keep growing. A roof cleaning chemical solution is the only way to get a guaranteed clean.

Plus, because the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association recommends using a 50/50 mix of pool chlorine and water, this has become a standard feature of asphalt roofing warranties. Choosing Klean Freaks Home Services means that you won’t void the warranty on your roofing system.

Once the solution has been applied, we’ll use a light pressure washing to rinse the cleaning solution and dead biological material off the roof. By the end of it, your roof will be good as new!

Why Does the Algae Keep Growing on My Chilliwack Roof?

If you’ve had your roof cleaned and the plant matter just keeps coming back, it could as simple as the direction your roof faces. If you have a north facing roof, it will get less sun. Less sun means less heat to dry out your roofing system. Those cool, damp conditions are perfect for growing a wide range of species of mould, algae, and organisms. If this is the case, you may be stuck with the job of cleaning your roof once or twice a year.

Thankfully, if you live in Chilliwack, Klean Freaks Home Services is here to help. Our professional roof cleaners are number one in the region. Our jobs are always done according to the highest standards. If you ever find yourself with concerns about the work we’ve done, just call us up. We’ll be straight over to figure what went wrong and fix it.

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