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Klean Freaks Home Services is a team of industry-leading pressure washing, cleaning and property maintenance specialists. We have the experience and resources to tackle any roof cleaning challenge. We have served both homeowners and businesses in all industries and are expertly familiar with a wide variety of roofing materials and structures.

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Meticulous, Full-Service Roof Cleaning for Your Home or Business

You depend on your roof for strength, ventilation, and protection against the elements at all times. Even the most diligently-installed roofs will eventually need maintenance. A key component of your roof maintenance routine is roof cleaning.

Overtime, accumulations of algae, moss, mold, vegetation, and fallen debris can form on your roof’s surface. While flat roofs are particularly vulnerable to this accumulation, roofs of any slope can be affected. The effect of roof accumulation isn’t just unsightly from an aesthetic standpoint. It can significantly alter drainage off your roofs, leading to potential structural and material damage. It can also affect your roof’s ability to properly reflect sunlight, making it costlier and more difficult to regulate your interior temperature.

Our roof cleaning services leave no aspect of your roof surface overlooked. Working with both efficiency and patience, we diligently remove all accumulation from your roof’s surface. Our commitment to safety is unmatched, and as part of our services we provide comprehensive roof inspections.

Roof Cleaning Methods and Products for Any Roof Structure

Our team uses a variety of the latest, most effective materials and equipment to ensure the highest standard of roof cleaning. Pressure washing is one of our most common roof cleaning methods, and we offer both high-pressure and low-pressure roof cleaning.

We have experience cleaning a wide variety of roofing materials, including conventional asphalt, metal, tile, and others. Our products are selected with sustainability in mind and will not degrade or corrode your roof.

Experienced, Dependable Roof Cleaners

Our team of specialists has years of experience providing reliable and meticulous services. We arrive at your home or business with all the equipment necessary for safe, careful roof cleaning.

We are fully licensed and bonded to perform a wide range of services and are committed to exceeding the expectations of each residential and commercial client. We have the necessary qualifications and resources to clean the roof of any structure.

With our roof cleaning experts, you can help ensure that your roof has a long and low-maintenance lifespan!

Keep Your Roof Fresh and Maintained with Regular Roof Cleaning

When your home or business’s roof is showing signs of build-up, instead of trying to attempt the cleaning yourself, call the specialists at Klean Freaks Home Services.

We will rapidly and effectively remove any accumulation from your roof, ensuring it looks and performs effectively, for years to come.

Our clients appreciate our outstanding workmanship, commitment to safety, and competitive rates.

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